Mask for TYPO3 9

At the moment, there is no version for TYPO3 9 available, but there will be a compatible version for TYPO3 9 LTS.

Are there already versions for 9.x (non LTS) available?

No, because it is a lot of work and needs much time to be up-to-date with the newest TYPO3 core versions.

When is the release date of Mask for TYPO3 9?

There isn't a specific date, but we strive for late 2018, at the latest beginning of 2019.

Why so late?

We are a web agency and offer Mask for free. We adapt it for our needs and include wishes from our supporters. It is too expensive, to create a Mask version for every TYPO3 pre-release without sponsors.

Is no one interested?

Lately, we got some requests from the community, if Mask is compatible with TYPO3 9.x and if it will be compatible with 9 LTS in the future. So there is demand, but one can not sponsor such a project alone.

The solution

If every interested person or company would sponsor a part, it would be possible to release compatible Mask versions earlier. So we can publish versions for 9.x and for 9 LTS as soon as possible.
Other ways of sponsoring: help developing, use our Templavoila converter or sponsor a Blogpost.

Our survey

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