Mask is Open Source. So you can use Mask for free. Simply download it from the TYPO3 extension repository.

The team from WEBprofil are the developers of Mask. So WEBprofil sponsors a contingent of hours per year to develop Mask.If you want to speed up development (we have a long list of feature requests), help us by sponsoring some development hours. Of course, you get an invoice from us.

How does it work?

Simply get in contact with us: Write us an email or call us and tell us your sponsoring amount.

Who should become a sponsor?

Everyone who likes Mask! It doesn't matter if you are a freelancer, webagency or just a TYPO3 user. We are happy about every amount of sponsoring. So don't be shy - contact us!

What amount is appropriate?

We suggest EUR 50,00 excl. VAT for each usage of Mask in a project. Regardless of whether you are a Freelancer or an Agency. This is only a suggestion. We are happy about every amount - lower and higher.

If you support us with EUR 300,00 excl. VAT or more, we put a link and your logo on our website and into the official Mask manual.

You can also become a Blog-Sponsor with EUR 800,00 excl. VAT. We write a Blog article about a Mask Feature or a Howto and mention you as Sponsor in the article. Advertising in the text is possible, if related to the blogpost. We publish each Blogpost on Facebook and Twitter with hundreds of followers.

If you wish a new feature from our featurelist or an other new feature for your project, you can also become a feature sponsor. The price depends on the effort of the feature. Contact us if you need more information about this.

Why should you become a sponsor?

  • Mask developing become faster
  • You support the great TYPO3 Open-Source community with our popular project
  • You confirm us, that we are going the right way with Mask